Selection Castellamonte


The foculus barbeque is a 100% Italian handmade product from La Castellamonte, where Greenetti is the sole distributor for Belgium.

The center of the foculus is made of glazed outdoor stoneware, fired at 1200 ° C, coated and handcrafted into unique pieces each time.

Ceramic, a precious and thermally efficient material, makes this barbecue special.

The stone tub rests on a trolley made of wood and steel, completely on wheels, and an outer basket, suitable for every need.

The foculus is made of three different sizes for the hob:
Small 65 cm;
Medium 80 cm;
Large 100cm.

This to meet all needs of space and use, private or professional.

It is easy and convenient, cooking with wood, also ecological and fat-free.

It produces very little smoke, it is easy to light and use, perfect for meat, fish and vegetables. The hob and grill are light and functional, both in steel to ensure the best cooking quality.

The foculus is therefore perfect for outdoor cooking at home as well as for a restaurant.
The ceramic also protects the cook from the glare of the brazier.