Our Mission


The Greenetti logo is an inspiration from Catherine Doukhopelnikoff, co-founder of Greenetti and mother of Stéphanie, Nicolas and Emanuelle Vreven, interior architect.

Catherine Doukhopelnikoff’s soul mission is to create.

Greenetti has a practical mission and vision.

Inspired by nature, art and culture, every living and working space can be personalized.


Our vision

Our vision is that you should always have the feeling that when you breathe in air, you continue to feel spacious, enjoying things that are close to your heart or perhaps completely new things that make you dream.

Catherine Doukhopelnikoff is convinced that the basis always lies in nature, in green.

It is the nature to which we are connected that gives us inspiration for architecture, furnishing and making certain objects, wearing certain styles.

In the future, we must try to live in such a way that we remain in complete harmony with ourselves, nature and others.

By nature, no one should be limited. After all, we are part of the universe and are always connected with each other.

We help you in this connection.

Every creation is the object of something endless: in the greenetti logo, the horizon stands for creating endless, without boundaries.

The pinus pinea

The pinus pinea in the logo is an old pine that has a stately grandeur when it stands alone.

Brown-red trunks support the whorls of the branches.

These colors are reflected on the Greenetti website.

No other tree has taken such an important place in the building of civilization, no other fills the place in the household of civilized man.

In the old pinus pinea the symmetry has been disturbed and finally the tired old tree has split its trunk into many sturdy branches, broken off its head and flattened into umbrella-like shapes, as the Italian pain shows so well in its landscape.

The flattening is characteristic of many pains.

In life one also endures many pains to finally become wise.

For example, Greenetti is supported by pains and wisdom that form the basis for a steadfast entrepreneurship, starting in a new dimension.

The seeds of the pinus pinea soften the roughness of the throat and lungs, heal old coughs and long-term chest ailments, returning the lost strength and strength of the body.

The smell of pine trees is particularly good.

Greenetti helps you with your green creation, together with its Italian partner Margheriti, who supplies all these plants, trees and flowers to Greenetti.

The pine cones are often depicted in old buildings, even on the knobs of walking sticks and other ornaments.

In ancient art, pine cones are mainly used to decorate wells and to crown buildings.
In Christian art, the pine cones were originally the symbol of the streams of paradise, the tree of life and the symbol of fertility.


The cypress




To the left of the logo is the cypress.

The cypress is a strong tree with an unyielding, unyielding and steadfast character.

Her simplicity and modesty brings strength and beauty to life.

The cypress accepts everything as it is and comes and makes it invulnerable.

The cypress was the tree of the Greek god of medicine.

Her spiritual qualities are freedom, individuality, love and discipline.

The cypress and the pine are both a source of life and inspiration for Greenetti.